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ICMO has teamed up with four innovative defence companies to be part of the ICMO Industries stand at IDEX 2021. The companies in question are:

  • Capture systems, which specialises in the design, development, and production of advanced modular multi-axial positioners.
  • Innocon, an innovative Israeli developer and manufacturer of Tactical UAVs ranging from micro-UAVs to full-size light airplanes.
  • AeroSol, a leading manufacturer in the tactical UAS industry that develops military drones and Quadcopters with unmatched performance for combat.
  • Sky Sapience, a leading provider of tethered hovering platforms enabling 24/7 real-time ISR.

These companies join IMCO Industries’ subsidiaries, Nir-Or, which designs, develops, manufactures and integrate innovative video systems for various military platforms that maximise survivability and lethality, and Advanced Defense Technologies Inc. (ADT), a US-based manufacturer of advanced electronic solutions for military and civilian applications.

Altogether, IMCO Group and partners offers design, development, and production of advanced modular multi-axial positioners and UAVs. These range from micro-UAVs weighing a mere 4 kg to 150 kg full-size UAVs, equipped with comprehensive Command and Control systems for the defence, HLS, and security markets. The quadcopters and mini-UAV’s are operated by a ruggedised GCS and are designed for rapid deployment with tactical teams and first responders.

At the IDEX 2021 exhibition, IMCO Group and partners will present its unique Terrain Dominance range of hardware and software solutions. These offer scalable tactical superiority capability using drones and UAVs equipped with sensors, advanced modular multi-axial positioners, communications, advanced command and control systems, and independent computing power on the battlefield.

Jack Richardson