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by Stephen Elliott
Adapted from a press release

With the motto: “e-Navigation made easy“, Norway-based NAVTOR continues to grow by launching a new operation in Denmark. After moving into vessel analytics and performance optimisation by a recent acquisition, Managing Director Jacob Clausen opened NAVTOR Denmark. Clausen and his team will create awareness for their digital solutions that deliver enhanced efficiency, safety, simplicity and performance to ship owners and operators within this key maritime market.

A Global “Go To”
NAVTOR is busy. In August 2020, Accel-KKR (of Silicon Valley) took a majority stake in the business allowing NAVTOR to: open a German office, buy Tres Solutions, launch NavFleet and open a Danish office.

According to NAVTOR CEO Tor Svanes, this is part of a drive to consolidate e-navigation leadership and establish the firm as the “go to” global provider of digital solutions for owners looking to connect assets, utilise data, and improve operational and business decision making.

Tor Svanes, NAVTOR – data the key to enabling smarter shipping

Iceberg Tip?
“Since launching in 2011 we’ve focused on building a digital ecosystem that provides the optimal platform for smart shipping,” confirmed Svanes. “This cyber secure infrastructure connects assets and offices so teams at sea and on shore can work as one – reducing workloads, enhancing awareness, and delivering benefits ranging from safer operations to lower costs and emissions. E-Navigation is the core of what we deliver, but it’s really just the tip of the iceberg in terms of the added value we can provide through seamless data sharing, smart solutions and powerful analytics. The market potential for that is enormous.”

He continued: “We see Denmark as the next natural step for NAVTOR. We already have customers here, but want to increase awareness of our innovations and services amongst some of the world’s leading, most forward-thinking shipowners. Jacob has an excellent network, maritime and digital pedigree, and the ambition to help us meet our objectives, as we help the Danish industry navigate towards a more sustainable, profitable future. We see exciting times ahead here in Denmark, and beyond.”

Jacob Clausen – huge potential in the Danish market for NAVTOR. Photo: NAVTOR

New Horizons
Clausen assumes the Managing Director role after proving himself in the role of VP Operations at Tres Solutions. His impressive CV includes executive positions at Marorka and Maersk Maritime Technology. He started expanding the Danish team by recruiting  Dennis Ingham from FORCE Technology, to be the Senior Data Analyst.

Underscoring the company’s advantageous position, Clausen averred: “NAVTOR is already a global name in e-Navigation, with customers in over 60 countries and solutions and services onboard over 7000 vessels worldwide.”

Clausen noted the potential for the business, and its customers, is even greater. They have the opportunity to utilise their unique digital technology and understanding to “really connect teams, and entire organisations, and extract maximum value out of the huge amount of data in this increasingly digitised industry.”

Developing the performance side of the business – particularly with the acquisition of Tres – opens up a new horizon of possibilities.

“I think the shipping community here in Denmark, which is known for its advanced, high quality business approach, will be very receptive to the NAVTOR philosophy, ambition and innovations. I’m looking forward to driving further growth in this key European marke,” speculated Clausen

Staying Ahead
Alongside NAVTOR’s new Danish office, the firm also has permanent bases in Norway, Sweden, Russia, the UK and USA, Japan, Germany and Singapore. For further details about offices, products and solutions please visit