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Edited from Release by Stephen Elliott

The Norwegian Defence Material Agency awarded a contract to Patria for its novel Sonac ACS Acoustic Minesweeping Systems.This sale is a critical milestone in Patria’s goal to become one of the leading  underwater and maritime intelligence and surveillance solutions companies.  This allows the Royal Norwegian Navy to mre safely and effectively locate and address subsurface dangers.

The Patria Sonac ACS depicted in this illustation of how Patria’s Acoustic Minesweeping Sonar System functions

Patria Sonac ACS utilises patented sound source technology, offering unprecedented acoustic performance over a wide frequency spectrum and fully supporting Mine Setting, Target Simulation, and Mine Jamming modes of operation. Patria Sonac ACS’s innovative design allows accurate reproduction of true pre-recorded or synthesised submerged or surface target signatures, making it highly-efficient against modern intelligent influence sea mines. Its compact size means Patria Sonac ACS is well-suited for future lightweight, autonomous, multi-influence minesweeping systems.

As a new state-of-the-art minesweeping product, Patria Sonac ACS strengthens Patria’s naval product portfolio and improves the company’s competitiveness and position in the global Mine Counter Measures  and Anti-Submarine Warfare market.  Patria has over 35 years of experience in the design, development and delivery of underwater acoustic systems for surveillance, mine warfare and mine counter-measures.