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by Curtis Hand from press release

IMCO Group held a special two-day demonstration of its solutions 2-3 May at its showroom in Rosh Ha’Ayn, Israel that was attended by distinguished customers, military attachés and other official representatives from various countries across Southeast Asia, Latin America, Europe and Africa. Video available by clicking here or visiting

This is perhaps the first event of its kind in Israel since the COVID-19 containment measures were relaxed across Israel, following its successful vaccination programme. Health & Safety protocols were observed during the event.

IMCO Group subsidiaries and partners offer “end-to-end, terrain dominance solutions”, which include a range of scalable tactical superiority capabilities using UAVs, hovering platforms, UGVs and manned vehicles – all equipped with sensors, modular multi-axial positioners, communications, C2/C3 systems. Moreover, IMCO Group uniquely provides in-house PCB design and assembly capabilities for secure supply chain control of strategic solutions.

Partial IMCO Group showroom – Image: IMCO Group

The international official visitors to the showroom during this two-day demonstration, witnessed the capabilities of IMCO Group including but not limited to:

  • Nir-Or develops and integrates SAVS (situation awareness video systems) and electronic solutions for various military platform to maximise survivability and lethality with embedded AI that supports decision-making solutions on the battlefield.
  • Innocon Ltd. innovates and makes Tactical UAVs ranging from micro-UAVs to full-size light airplanes, such as lightweight UAV for over-the-hill ISR missions MicroFalcon, which is already operationally deployed by NATO member countries, and has a NATO stock number.
  • Ex-Sight specialises in R&D and full turnkey solutions of robotic technologies for the public and private sector markets, presented its ground and maritime vehicles for border defense, 3DV stereoscopic day & night driver vision enhancement systems for armoured vehicles, and mid-range electro-optic payloads.
  • Capture Systems manufacturer of pan & tilt positioners, presented its ATID (anti-threat intelligent detector), Caracal (pan & tilt unit) and Jaguar (heavy-duty unit for real-time, long-range observation).
  • Sky Sapience provides of tethered hovering platforms enabling 24/7 real-time ISR – e.g. HoverMast: a mobile, operationally proven tethered hovering platform that provides top-level observation and surveillance capabilities at altitudes up to 150 meters, hoisting up to 11 kg payloads.
Another view from the IMCO Group showroom, whereby one of its UAVs takes “centre stage” – Image: IMCO Group

IMCO Industries Ltd. (TASE: IMCO) offers design, development and production of unique terrain dominance range of solutions, that offer scalable tactical superiority capability using drones and UAVs equipped with sensors, communications, multi-axial positioners and independent computing power for the defence, HLS, and security markets.