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The International Mine Warfare Technology Symposium series is the only US Navy-sponsored event that has sole focus on naval mine warfare and related technologies.

This event is jointly sponsored by the Mine Warfare Association and the US Naval Postgraduate School – and held every odd year in Monterey, California USA.

With COVID restrictions still in place, an intensive virtual symposium will happen 25-27 May 2021.  As with the past editions, this conference is unclassified, allowing foreign participation.

Most of the sessions will be open to media. While there is no charge for media to attend, pre-registration is required in order to gain access to the event’s app.

Each of the three seminar days will have a plenary session featuring a variety of speakers and topics.

Confirmed speakers to date include…

  • US Fleet Forces Commander
  • Commander, US Seventh Fleet
  • N95 and N95B, Expeditionary Warfare
  • Director of the NATO Naval Mine Warfare Centre of Excellence
  • Australian Director General Combat Management & Payload Systems
  • Australian Director General Littoral
  • Representatives from: MCMRON-7; CTF-52; Naval Surface and Mine Warfighting Development Center; ONR and NSWC-PCD; et al.

This is certainly a must participate event for all of those in the Naval Defence-Industrial Complex involved in the Mine and Countermine Warfare sector.

To see the complete latest schedule of events, go to: