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Edited by Curtis Hand from Press Release

What is it?
The Vessel Impact and Motion Monitoring System (VIMMS) from Dyena Systems is a direct response to the maritime industry’s requirement to monitor crew and vessel levels of shock and vibration during high speed boat operations (HSBO) to put this in a military context. Now it is available for civilian uses (police, SAR, et cetra).

How Does it Work?
VIMMS includes a helm unit and two remote sensors for measuring acceleration: on the vessel structure and at the helmsman’s seat. Twin LED displays provides simultaneous information on received vessel and crew impacts . Configurable settings allow the operator to set relevant thresholds to match LEDs response to the vessels expected operating conditions.

The VIMMS Kit – Image: Dyena Systems

Real time feedback allows the helmsman to adjust their speed or course before limits are exceeded, reducing repeated shock and whole-body vibration exposure to the crew or damaging shock impacts to the vessel and equipment.

If the upper limit is exceeded an indicator will remain lit, requiring a manager to reset the unit by entering a pin number on the front keypad, alerting the origination that an incident requiring investigation might have occurred. Data can be downloaded from VIMMS for further analysis.

What are the Advantages?

  • Easily retro-fitted to existing vessels, the IP67 flush mounted helm unit measures only 150mm x 45mm
  • The display has day and night views
  • Meets US Coast Guard requirements
  • VIMMS is currently deployed across three continents and now available to commercial operators and boat builders

See for a video demonstration