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edited by Curtis Hand from official release

Elettronica and Rohde & Schwarz signed a cooperation agreement for the conception and delivery of radar and communication electronic support measures/radar electronic counter-measures  in Germany, with a focus on German naval programmes. ELT and Rohde & Schwarz will continue their significant R&D spending in this area to offer customers the most modern and reliable technology. Under the cooperation agreement, both companies agreed to seek complementing contributions based on their existing solutions within their portfolios.

“ELT and Rohde & Schwarz have already successfully co-operated in the past and are now taking the next logical step by joining forces to take full advantage of our joint capacities,” says Domitilla Benigni CEO/COO, Elettronica Group. We strongly believe in this collaboration between two companies that are an expression of European technological excellence. Collaborating makes us more competitive and improves our respective engineering skills.”