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edited by Curtis Hand, all images from UVision

Ideal for marime expeditionary forces, the anti-tank capability from UVision provides a comprehensive solution against Main Battle Tanks. (MBTs), for ground, air and naval platforms. UVision will present this and other offerings at DEFEA next week, Hall 3 booth G13.

UVision is one of the few developers and manufacturers of Loitering Munitions Systems  for a variety of missions -and will present its Hero-120 and Hero-400EC Loitering Munition systems with anti-tank capability, providing an all-inclusive solution for countering MBTs (main battle tanks). Hero Loitering Munition systems provide an accurate, effective, and highly lethal response to hard targets, and are able to locate hidden targets, track them and attack at significantly longer ranges than commonly available anti-tank guided missiles (ATGM).

As members of the HERO family of loitering munition systems, both the Hero-120 and Hero-400EC can carry multi-purpose warheads for extended lethality against a wide range of targets.  Its unique attack capabilities from any direction and angle, including top attack complement its long-endurance and low acoustic, visual and thermal signature as a preferred weapon with many militaries and special forces.

The HERO systems can locate, track and strike static and moving targets with pinpoint accuracy, important for MOUT operations, while the ability to launch loitering munitions from a remote-controlled multi-canister launcher provides effective deployment of the Hero systems from a variety of platforms – air, land and sea – away from enemy lines.

Maj Gen (Ret) Avi Mizrachi, CEO of Uvision, noted of their participation in DEFEA: “We anticipate that this exhibition will pave the way for new collaborations in the area.”