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CONTROP Precision Technologies Ltd. – a company specialising in the field of electro-optics and IR defence and homeland security solutions – announces the acquisition of Israeli company, ESC BAZ, which specialises in smart video and observation technology.

Controp’s newest product, SPEED-LR1 – image: Controp

The acquisition of the company will expand CONTROP’s portfolio, enabling it to provide end-to-end solutions for the HLS and paramilitary markets.

ESC BAZ Giraffe. Image: ESC BAZ

ESC BAZ has decades of experience in the field of short-term observation and surveillance systems. Through the synergy with CONTROP, the company will strengthen its presence in the international market.

image: Controp

“The acquisition of ESC BAZ is another step in the strategic plan of CONTROP to strengthen its footprint in the defence and HLS markets,” says Hagay Azani, President and CEO of CONTROP. Mr. Azani further noted, “ESC BAZ solutions will enable CONTROP to make its advanced electro-optics technology accessible to law enforcement, border protection and other relevant authorities and to multiply the technological solutions currently offered to the company’s customers in the fields of defense and HLS”.

Some of Controp’s current Maritime and Naval Surveillance systems applications include:

    • Port Safety & Security
    • Coastal Surveillance
    • EEZ Surveillance
    • Maritime Patrol
    • Anti-Piracy
    • Gas and Oil Rigs Security
    • Oil Spill Detection