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by Curtis Hand – images from Controp

Doron Zaltz -VP International Marketing & BD

As a company specialising in the field of electro-optics and infrared (EO/IR) defence and homeland security solutions, CONTROP Precision Technologies announced the appointment of Mr Doron Zalts as its Vice President for International Marketing & Business Development.



Mr Hagay Azani, CONTROP’s CEO

According to Mr Hagay Azani, CONTROP’s CEO, Zalts has been with the company for more than a dozen years and gained peerless, extensive experience in the business and led many of the company’s strategic initiatives.

“As VP of International Marketing & Business Development of a successful, constantly growing company, with exceptional technology and a leading position in its field of expertise, I have no doubt that he (Zalts) will play a key role in further expanding our significant global spread, successfully driving it to greater achievements,” assured Azani.

Zalts served in an Israeli Navy special ops unit before going on to earn advanced legal and business degrees. So, he knows how important clear and accurate visual surveillance intelligence is for missions as well as for perimeter, maritime and border security – and how to deliver it to customers around the globe.

MSD decided to catch up with Zalts and speak with him.  In an exclusive discussion Zalts explained: “our first goal is to assure continuous customer support even under COVID19 international traveling restrictions. (By) continually responding to changed circumstances, the company continues to provide its customers worldwide with virtual training tools for all its vast product offerings. With our customers’ satisfaction as top priority, we guarantee that the supply process goes on, and is reliable and effective as always.”
He revealed that they are also working on significant collaborations with local partners in various markets to respond effectively to current market demands for local support.

As IR technology is continuously evolving in many different ways, followed by continuous improvements in sensor packages and complete systems capabilities and functionalities, Zalts clarified: “We witnessed in recent years the entry of higher performing IR detectors – either with regard to smaller pixels leading to higher spatial resolution, larger pixel-count detector matrices, higher operating temperatures detectors leading to longer operating life span, new detector materials and technologies allowing smaller SWaP.”

One of Controp’s latest innovations, the SPEED-LR1

From his expert viewpoint, Zalts confirmed that many other overall improvements are at the system-level, such as precise geo-location and navigation, video enhancements and AI algorithms, persistence surveillance and large-are coverage, et cetera. “It is expected that such improvements will continue in the coming years and will drive the whole market into designing and supplying better price /performance system values to customers on one hand, and higher performance systems for the high-end market on the other hand,” noted Zalts.

The MSD conversation will continue in the next MSD Coffee Klatsch interview.