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edited by Curtis Hand

The UV-based ballast water treatment specialist BIO-UV Group and The Columbia Group – its American engineering and servicing partner, were selected to develop a ballast water treatment system for the US Navy.

BIO-UV Group and its American engineering and servicing partner, The Columbia Group, have been selected to develop a ballast water treatment system for the United States Navy

The contract follows an international call for tenders to develop a military version of a UV ballast water disinfection system to equip future US Navy (USN) ships. Although entered into force in 2016, USN vessels were operating outside the scope of the USCG Standards for Living Organisms in Ship’s Ballast Water Discharged in US Waters, meaning current and future USN ships must comply. Current and future American military vessels will now need to be equipped with ballast water treatment systems. The USCG (US Coast Guard) regulatory standards are similar to those found around the world nowadays that define and govern the management of ballast water.

Working with The Columbia Group, BIO-UV Group will design a robust ballast water treatment system for ballast pump capacities from 300m3/h up to 1,000m3/h. To win the tender, BIO-UV Group demonstrated its success with France’s and other naiton’s navies. The company recently secured contracts to supply the Belgian and Royal Netherlands’ navies with ballast water treatment solutions for a total of 12 mine-hunting vessels.

BIO-UV Group is part of a very small global group of companies that develop UV-based water disinfection systems certified to both IMO (International Maritime Organisation) and USCG requirements. IMO and USCG certification provides BIO-UV Group customers with a major advantage: guaranteed ability to sail anywhere in the world including in US coastal waters while being in compliance of international BWTS standards.

Benoit Gillmann, President and CEO of BIO-UV Group, proclaimed: “Three years after obtaining USCG certification, this new step represents a recognition of our know-how and a new prestigious reference for BIO-UV Group.”