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OPV 45 from Israel Shipyards – Image from company

Presenting for the first time at the prestigious African Naval event – IMDEC, Israel Shipyards Ltd. showcases its flexible options and solutions that address the immediate needs of fleets around the world and help them overcome harsh, new economic realities facing many countries in the region. As a leading shipbuilding and repair company in the Eastern Mediterranean Israel Shipyards is ideally poised to serve naval and commercial marine markets in this region.

Ethical – not political or commercial – budgetary assistance for purchasing or leasing of vessels fits in with Israel Shipyards unique moral business paradigm.  They offer bespoke, convenient financing and credit options extending for years after vessel delivery ‒ enabling countries with limited resources to access high quality vessels through painless long-term leasing arrangements.

SHALDAG MK V – Image: Israel Shipyards Ltd.

This helps cash-strapped navies and coast guards in developing markets can afford the maritime assets they need without being exploited by a superpower. Flexible terms include leasing with options to purchase or return the vessel, and trade-ins of older vessels made as partial payment for new vessels. Many see this as a distinct advantage of working weith Israel Shipyards.

Eitan Zucker, CEO of Israel Shipyards, said, “Addressing the needs of fleets around the world in the protection of maritime borders is our main goal ‒ from supplying vessels and maintenance services to training crews to independently maintain and upgrade vessels. Reflecting on the new reality, we understood the difficulty of countries with limited budgets to secure their maritime borders. In response, we developed a variety of unique options for vessel acquisition to assist them in the current situation.”

In terms of ongoing after-sales support, Israel Shipyards Maintains a close relationship with its customers, providing ongoing training, maintenance, repair, renovation, upgrades, et cetera.

The operational training provided before and after delivery covers vessel capabilities and operation. The unique extended warranty programme Israel Shipyards offers expands maintenance, upgrades of vessel hulls and systems, and includes spare parts. Such unique long-term maintenance and training programmes ensure that timely assistance is always available, no matter when the sale was made.

Within Israel Shipyards  wide range of solutions and services that are ideal for theAfrican market, they also provide Technology Transfers that facilitate the ability of local personnel to independently carry out maintenance, repairs, and overhauls. This saves the maritime forces considerable funds while increasing their independence from foreign companies and influencers. The Israel Shipyard advantage includes budgetary flexibility for vessel acquisition and service packages that meet each customer’s needs, capabilities, and infrastructure as well.