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release material edited by Curtis Hand with contribution from Stephen Elliott

Israel Shipyards Limited signed an agreement to supply four of its SHALDAG MK V vessels to the Israeli Navy each with unique configuration requirements.

OPV62 and SHALDAG MKII close-up, Image: Israel Shipyards Ltd.

Like other naval customers, the Israeli Navy bought a variety of Israel Shipyards’ vessels for ongoing security missions – i.e. SHALDAG MK III and the Saar 4 and Saar 4.5 fast attack missile vessels ‒ and maritime border protection for the State of Israel.

Israel Navy’s SHALDAG MK V – Image: Israel Shipyards Ltd.

The combat-proven SHALDAG MK V is the largest member of its class. Driving this all aluminum construction are powerful waterjets that give this light and fast vessel exceptional manoeuverability and seakeeping. Its high capacity payload delivers a firepower-to-displacement ratio.  The SHADLAG Class is a recognised leader for naval security missions, protection of EEZs and littoral waters.

Eitan Zucker, ceo Israel Shipyards – Image: Israel Shipyards Ltd.

The vessel can accelerate from zero to its top speed of more than 40 knots in less than one minute, Its turning diameter of 150m and minimal draft enable easy operation in shallow waters. The SHALDAG MK V is simple to maintain as it is equipped with advanced, lightweight weapon systems, navigation systems, and combat management systems.
CEO Eitan Zucker remains pleased with continued Israeli Navy cooperation as the flagship vessel becomes part of the Navy and its missions.  Readers of MSD magazine will recall his contribution to a CEOs’ view from the top whereby he provided insights about the robust nature of the company in the face of Covid measures…

Mr Zucker explained: “Israel Shipyards has thrived despite COVID-19. We entered this new phase in a strong position, and were able to meet the challenges through flexibility and an agile response to required changes, even without any significant government assistance. First, regarding operational and manufacturing activities, we established a Corona-focused routine to protect the health and safety of our employees ‒ implementing strict social distancing, limiting the number of workers in close proximity at any given time, requiring masks to be worn at all times, imposing personal hygiene procedures, and continually monitoring the health of each individual. In addition, we maintained ongoing communications with all personnel, ensured a strong managerial presence, and made emotional and other support readily available. 

“Next, we significantly expanded our digital customer engagements ‒ providing virtual tours of our premises, holding dozens of online meetings, and delivering webinars for clients around the world. Our main takeaway from this crisis was the need to prepare plans in advance that ensure maximum support of our customers and attention to their needs. Recognising that they were also experiencing this crisis, we expanded our budgetary assistance, offering exceptionally convenient financing terms, long-term credit, and trade-in options. These flexible payment plans enabled the acquisition and leasing of our vessels, even by those facing the most extreme budgetary restrictions, and allowed them to meet their critical need to upgrade their maritime security.”

“Our post-COVID plans cover the development of an array of customizable new solutions that expand our current offerings, ensure the continuous high performance of our vessels, and create new health safeguards ‒ including advanced means of identifying and isolating those exposed to contagious diseases. In addition, we plan to enter new markets, which are tangential to military markets, such as humanitarian aid, disaster relief, and routine policing and security. ”