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edited by Curtis Hand; all images: RAFAEL

Rafael’s Sea Breaker™ utilises Rafael’s technological innovations such as electro-optics, computer vision, AI and advanced decision-making algorithms for full operational capability in GNSS-denied environments for maritime superiority missions. The missile’s datalink supports real-time, man-in-the-loop decision-making and tactical updates, meaning it has mid-flight abort capability. The photos below demonstrate the ability to distinguish targets after launch and change course as needed.

Rafael asserts Sea Breaker is a “force-multiplier” that overcomes the modern warfare arena challenges by design, using Rafael’s legacy of high-end precision-guided solutions. This video underscores its versatility and agility.  This 5th generation long range, autonomous, precision-guided missile system enables significant attack performance against a variety of high-value maritime and land targets.

As demonstrated, Sea Breaker provides pin-point precision strikes from stand-off ranges of up to 300 km. It benefits armed forces with its advanced tmaging infrared seeker, ideal for engaging stationary or moving land / maritime targets. This is significant for warfare in advanced Anti Access/Area Denial arenas and littoral,  riverine or archipelago theatres – places where previous generation RF-seeker-based missiles are not effective.

Sea Breaker is effective, launching from various naval platforms: from fast attack missile boats, to corvettes and frigates. The land version is a central part of the shore defence using Rafael’s mobile SPYDER launchers. The battery architecture supports stand alone launchers or as an integrated solution, with a C2 unit and various sensors, as customers require. Another benefit is its Battle Damage Assessment capability.


Using Artificial Intelligence, Sea Breaker performs deep-learning and big data-based scene-matching, a unique combat-proven Rafael technology, enabling Automatic Target Acquisition (ATA) and Automatic Target Recognition (ATR). The system has full operational capability in GNSS-denied arenas, in all weather conditions. The missile is ECM immune and jam-resilient.

Sea Breaker’s mission profile enables sea-skimming and terrain-following low-level flight above ground.Flying at great subsonic speeds, Sea Breaker has a multi-directional, synchronised full sphere attack capability, based on pre-defined attack plans. Using waypoints, azimuth, impact angle and aim point selection, it can skim the surface under radar detection and ensure a high probability of mission success.  Its 250 lbs. penetration, blast and fragmentation warhead, make a single hit effective enough to neutralise a frigate-sized ship.

NOTE: Rafael will be exhibiting at DEFEA next week in Athens Greece.