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Article and photos by Korhan Özkilinc

The ASELSAN and the SEFINE Shipyard among others the companies ROKETSAN and ARMELSAN joined forces for maritime security and develop with innovative solutions unmanned naval vehicles and this ceremonial at SEFINE Shipyard jointly given the start for construction.
The unmanned naval vehicles are used for tasks such as reconnaissance, surface warfare, underwater warfare, protection of critical facilities such as harbors and bases, protection of floating platforms. The modular system allows to fulfill different missions, i.e. as trimars can be equipped with four torpedoes as well as missiles.
Through the expandable platform, additional payload can be accommodated and, thus, additional be able to perform electronic warfare, underwater warfare and mine warfare functions. With the satellite system attached, real-time video and images can be transmitted to the command center, and the Artificial Intelligence is able to detect and classify surface objects and detect submarines by sonobuoy. They are capable of acting alone or in concert.
Both vehicles can accelerate to more than 40 knots (74 kilometers per hour) with their high maneuverability and speed. With a range of 600 nautical miles, the autonomous vehicles will operate for almost 4 days without resupply up to sea state 4 and perform their tasks in the most difficult sea situations. Due to their compactness at a length of 15 m can be transported by cargo aircraft, military ships or on land at any location.