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by Korhan Özkilinc, Special Correspondent, Turkey-Black Sea-Central Asia; images from DEARSAN and GÜLHAN shipyards

Turkish shipyards DEARSAN and GÜLHAN have launched Turkmenistan’s first corvette in the Caspian Sea. DEARSAN has been working very closely with the Turkmen government since 2007 and has so far built 10 Tuzla-class (404 ton) New Type Patrol Boat and several dozen fast boats for the Turkmen Naval Forces. But this time the project which has been signed in 2019 for the Caspian Sea was of strategic importance for the Turkish shipyards.

The new C 92 class corvette is 91.40 metres long and displaces 1600 tonnes. The corvette is powered by four diesel engines and 2 CPP and reaches a maximum speed of 26 knots while having a range of 3000 nautical miles. The ship’s armament is of western standard although this country was mostly at the mercy of Russian technology. C 92 class has a 76 mm Leonardo Super Rapid Gun, 1x 35 mm Twin Barrel CIWS from ASELSAN Korkut-D, 2x 8 VL MICA MBDA, 1x 8 SAM OTOMAT Mk2 Bl 4 MBDA, 1 Torpedo Launching System, 1 ASW Rocket Launchig and several Stabilized Automatic Machine Gun from ASELSAN.

The corvette is equipped with the latest CMS and sensors for the following missions:
– Anti-Submarine Warfare ASW
– Anti-Surface Warfare ASuW
– Anti-Air Warfare AAW
– Electronic Warfare
– Surveillance, Reconnaissance
– Intelligence Gathering
– Asymmetric Warfare
– Patrol

The Turkmen government acts classically and first buys one or two ships and then comes the right orders and hope for news from the Caspian.