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US Coast Guard Conducts At-Sea Exercises with Malta

by Curtis Hand from official press release by the US Coast Guard Atlantic Area. …All images contributed from the skilled Petty Officer 3rd Class Sydney Phoenix, US Coast Guard Atlantic Area The Legend-class national security cutter USCGC Hamilton (WMSL 753) conducted at-sea engagements with the armed forces of Malta in the Mediterranean Sea, May 17 […]

Corvette K130: steel cut for build number nine – programme becomes more expensive

On May 10, 2021, the first steel for the ninth Corvette K130, the “Augsburg”, was cut. Due to the corona, the so-called burning start in the German Naval Yards Kiel was celebrated in a small circle. This is an unspectacular act in which a plasma torch cuts the first piece of steel. Despite the pandemic, […]

Networking for Business, Careers and Enlightenment…MSD magazine is LinkedIn to You

by Stephen Elliott, Publisher Perhaps you are somewhat shy… Maybe you are reluctant to share your professional opinion… However, you certainly have unique insights that only your experience and knowledge can provide potential clients colleagues, employers and peers. As Publisher of Maritime Security & Defence, I am joined by our esteemed Co-Editors in-Chief Hans Uwe […]

VAdm Fagan Nominated USCG Vice Commandant & First Female 4-Star Admiral

Edited by Stpehen Elliott from Press Release US Coast Guard VAdm Linda L Fagan was nominated by US President Joe Biden to become the next Vice Commandant of the US Coast Guard. She serves as the commander of the Coast Guard Pacific Area and oversees all US Coast Guard missions from the Rocky Mountains to […]

The Balance of Power in the Persian Gulf

by Bob Nugent The Persian Gulf is a region of critical geopolitical importance, continuing to serve as a vital channel for energy and other trade flows in the Indian Ocean and beyond. At the same time, enduring bilateral and regional frictions, active armed conflicts such as those in Yemen, and other security challenges such as […]

European Logistic Support Ship Programmes

by Conrad Waters The European naval construction sector is currently experiencing significant demand for new logistic support ships. Previous delays in replacing existing vessels have reached the point where further deferral is no longer an option, particularly given many do not comply with present-day environmental standards. Most leading European navies either have placed or are […]

Counter-UAS Applications for Naval Platforms

by Tamir Eshel The fast evolution of aerial, surface, and underwater drones attracts naval offensive and defensive planners’ attention with its spherical threat potential. Loitering weapons, explosive boats, and miniature submarines pose as much of a multi-dimensional threat as missiles, guns, and torpedoes. The new unmanned menace is small, but but the com,bined effect of […]

“EU has both a very open and a very maritime economy and society” an interview with Admiral Hervé Bléjean, Director General EU Military Staff and Director Military Planning and Conduct Capability

Interview by H Uwe Mergener With his experience as Deputy Commander of NATO’s Maritime Command Northwood, Admiral Bléjean has a thorough view on Europe’s maritime capabilities. For MSD he provides an honest and in-depth assessment of EU’s military endeavours. Eying the bloc’s military operations, he considers, that member states are to take the force generation […]


Each of Mittler Report’s magazine web sites reported recently about Camero-Tech’s new, ground-breaking Xaver™ Long Range system.  Known as Xaver LR80, the portable, high-performance through-wall imaging system, offers personnel maximum protection while conducting ISR and SAR activities. Only now can military forces, law enforcement agencies and first responders detect live objects within an enclosure – […]

IMCO Industries IDEX Stand Announced

ICMO has teamed up with four innovative defence companies to be part of the ICMO Industries stand at IDEX 2021. The companies in question are: Capture systems, which specialises in the design, development, and production of advanced modular multi-axial positioners. Innocon, an innovative Israeli developer and manufacturer of Tactical UAVs ranging from micro-UAVs to full-size light […]

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