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Coffee Klatch: When Crew Comfort is Crew Performance

by Curtis Hand, images from Almaco While the coffee is brewing in a machine for someone’s cup somewhere, Maritime Defence Monitor (MDM) had a rare opportunity to catch up with and interview a spokesman for a Finland-based international company that specialises in crew (and guests) accommodations on warships (also off-shore and freight and pleasure ships). […]

Technology Profile: Are Loitering Munitions, Drones or Missiles – or Neither?

interview by Curtis Hand, images from UVision With much mainstream media coverage about global use of weaponised drones  and various types of rockets launched, MSD thought it best to reach out to one of the leaders in aerial weapons – specifically, loitering munitions – for some clarification. After speaking with Mr Dagan Lev Ari (left) […]

Official Naval Group Statement

Naval Group Statement Naval Group takes note of the decision of the Australian authorities to acquire a fleet of nuclear submarines in collaboration with the United States and the United Kingdom. The Commonwealth decided not to proceed with the next phase of the program. This is a major disappointment for Naval Group, which was offering […]

Coffee Klatch: Cardo Crew Improves Personnel Mesh Communications

While the coffee is brewing in a machine for someone’s cup somewhere, Maritime Security & Defence (MSD) magazine had a rare opportunity to catch up with and interview Mr Shachar Harari, (below right) Chief Business Officer & Head of Cardo Crew at Cardo Systems Ltd. We wanted to have benefit of Mr Harari’s unique experience […]

DEARSAN and GÜLHAN Shipyards Build Turkmen Navy’s Corvettes

by Korhan Özkilinc, Special Correspondent, Turkey-Black Sea-Central Asia; images from DEARSAN and GÜLHAN shipyards Turkish shipyards DEARSAN and GÜLHAN have launched Turkmenistan’s first corvette in the Caspian Sea. DEARSAN has been working very closely with the Turkmen government since 2007 and has so far built 10 Tuzla-class (404 ton) New Type Patrol Boat and several […]

Coffee Klatsch: Making Technology Count at Sea, ST Engineering Marine

by Curtis Hand, images from ST Engineering unless otherwise noted While the coffee is brewing in a machine for someone’s cup somewhere, Maritime Security & Defence (MSD) magazine had a rare opportunity to catch up with and interview Mr Ng Sing Chan, President, Marine of ST Engineering. We wanted to have benefit of his unique […]

Allsalt Maritime introduces new shock monitoring systems for safer operations at sea.

Allsalt Maritime announced the launch of four new Kinetix models, each designed to provide easily assimilated guidance for maritime professionals to operate safely within designated shock and vibration exposure limits, reducing the risk of damage to vessels or injury to occupants. This is of critical importance for High-Speed Boat Operations (HSBO) for special operations and […]

tkMS Hands Over New Ships to Israel’s Navy

thyssenkrupp Marine Systems (tkMS) delivered the last two of four SA`AR 6-class corvettes to Israel’s Navy. During the small hand over ceremony, Managing Director Dr Alexander Orellano emphasised in his  speech to the guests and new ships’ crews the good professional and personal relationship tkMS cultivated with Israel’s Navy. Dr. Alexander Orellano: “In the six […]

MBDA and Naval Group join forces  to develop new remote assistance solutions

edited by Curtis Hand from press release The remote assistance service deployed by Naval Group and MBDA for the French Navy achieves several objectives: provide prompt diagnostics and a repair solution to naval systems users in all locations and in all circumstances. Remote assistance is a secure, end-to-end encrypted multimedia communication system linking the ship […]

Russian Navy Continues Zircon Testing

by Yury Laskin, Russia Country Manager and Correspondent  The frigate Admiral Gorshkov of the Russian Northern Fleet successfully engaged a land target with a Zircon hypersonic missile. The missile was launched while the frigate was operating in the White Sea and hit a spot target on the Barents Sea coast. A Russian MoD spokesman referred to […]

TECHNOLOGY PROFILE: Ships’ 360° Passive Self-Protection with SPYNEL InfraRed Search & Track Solution

Content & images by Aymeric De Cagny, Naval Business Developer at HGH Infrared Systems Asymmetric threats are multiplying and take various forms (missiles, loitering munitions, drones’ swarms, USV swarms, RHIBs, …). More than ever, situational awareness is a key factor to fleet protection. The InfraRed Search and Track Solution from HGH Infrared is a novel, […]

Turkish Companies Pool Strengths to Develop Unique Unmanned Naval Solution

Article and photos by Korhan Özkilinc The ASELSAN and the SEFINE Shipyard among others the companies ROKETSAN and ARMELSAN joined forces for maritime security and develop with innovative solutions unmanned naval vehicles and this ceremonial at SEFINE Shipyard jointly given the start for construction. The unmanned naval vehicles are used for tasks such as reconnaissance, […]

Rafael Advanced Defense Systems Launches Sea Breaker – 5th Gen’ Sea-Land Long-Range Attack Weapon System

edited by Curtis Hand; all images: RAFAEL Rafael’s Sea Breaker™ utilises Rafael’s technological innovations such as electro-optics, computer vision, AI and advanced decision-making algorithms for full operational capability in GNSS-denied environments for maritime superiority missions. The missile’s datalink supports real-time, man-in-the-loop decision-making and tactical updates, meaning it has mid-flight abort capability. The photos below demonstrate […]

Israel Shipyards to Supply Four Bespoke SHALDAG MK V Vessels to the Israeli Navy

release material edited by Curtis Hand with contribution from Stephen Elliott Israel Shipyards Limited signed an agreement to supply four of its SHALDAG MK V vessels to the Israeli Navy each with unique configuration requirements. Like other naval customers, the Israeli Navy bought a variety of Israel Shipyards’ vessels for ongoing security missions – i.e. […]

MBDA’s CAMM Selected for Royal Navy Type 45 Destroyers

edited and filed by Jürgen Hensel MBDA has announced a number of contracts to upgrade the air and missile defence capabilities of the Royal Navy’s six Type 45 DARING class destroyers. The work will see CAMM (Common Anti-Air Modular Missile) paired with an upgraded Sea Viper command and control system for the first time. CAMM […]

Diehl Delivers Re-Certification and Repair Equipment for Anti-Ship Missiles

edited by Curtis Hand from press release Diehl Defence received an order form the Federal Office of Bundeswehr Equipment, Information Technology and In-Service Support (BAAINBw) for the delivery of recertification and repair equipment for the heavy anti-ship missile RBS15 Mk3 to the Ammunition Supply Centre North in Laboe on 1 July 2021. This enables the […]

Patria joins in an EDIDP programme to develop maritime surveillance capabilities

Patria is part of three-country Northern-European co-operation in a consortium that was selected by the EU in the European Defence Industrial Programme for Maritime Surveillance Capabilities. The member states are Estonia, Finland and Sweden (the lead) all countries surrounding the Baltic Sea and the countries have signed the letter of intent. The consortium is led […]

Israel Shipyards Presents, for the First Time at IMDEC, its Flexible Commercial Options to Meet the New Economic Reality

Presenting for the first time at the prestigious African Naval event – IMDEC, Israel Shipyards Ltd. showcases its flexible options and solutions that address the immediate needs of fleets around the world and help them overcome harsh, new economic realities facing many countries in the region. As a leading shipbuilding and repair company in the […]

Rohde & Schwarz Supports Brazilian Navy Expansion & Modernisation

edited by Curtis Hand from release Rohde & Schwarz was awarded a contract from the Águas Azuis Consortium to supply the communications and intelligence suites for the Brazilian Navy’s Tamandaré Frigates Class programme. They will be fully responsible for the development, design, production, integration and acceptance of the external and internal communication suite and will supply communication […]

Was There Any Doubt? Germany Approves the U212CD Project

by Curtis Hand from a press release, and with commentary from Merl Wachtberg thyssenkrupp Marine Systems CEO Dr Rolf Wirtz, commented on the German Parliament Budget Committee’s funding of the €25 million 212CD (“Common Design”) German-Norwegian submarine project: “…the German Bundestag today made it possible for the contract to be signed soon. This is good […]

UK MOD Awards Patrol Boat Contract to MST Group

by Curtis Hand, from Press Release The UK MOD Defence Equipment & Support Organisation (DE&S) awarded Marine Specialised Technology (MST) Group a competitive contract to supply 18 of its 15m high-speed patrol boats to is MOD Police (MDP) and Gibraltar Defence Police (GDP), replacing existing craft in use with the MDP and GDP.  It is […]

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