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European Patrol Corvette: A True European Programme?

by Giulia Tilenni Although a part of the Permanent Structured Cooperation (PESCO) project and a candidate to receive EU funds, the European Patrol Corvette programme might result in the creation of a European combat vessel. Or maybe not… The development of a European Patrol Class Surface Ship (EPC2S) is among the collaborative opportunities identified in […]

See but Remain Unseen: the Role of Naval Electro-Optics

by Doug Richardson Electro-optical and infrared (EO/IR) systems can fulfil several main roles aboard a warship… Optronic systems can provide surveillance, warn of incoming anti-ship missiles, acquire and track targets, handle the fire-control functions for individual weapons, and serve as navigation aids. They can be used either on their own, or as part of an […]

Assurance – Key to Autonomy

by Christian von Oldershausen, DNV GL – Maritime, Naval Business Director This op-ed focusses on one element in the use of autonomous vehicles: building trust. The author explains how to overcome the biggest barrier in the use of new technologies. As a safe autonomous vessel needs to have situational awareness in all relevant conditions, whatever […]

Primer: Cables for Unmanned, Subsea Applications

by Tim Guest Navies are increasingly using Underwater Unmanned Vehicles (UUVs) and related systems in harsh, subsea applications. This places new, stringent demands on the cable industry for ruggedised, reliable, high-performance data transmission solutions. Navies are using UUVs for deeper, more protracted undersea military tasks that expose equipment to the harshest conditions, anywhere. While some […]

Counter-UAS Applications for Naval Platforms

by Tamir Eshel The fast evolution of aerial, surface, and underwater drones attracts naval offensive and defensive planners’ attention with its spherical threat potential. Loitering weapons, explosive boats, and miniature submarines pose as much of a multi-dimensional threat as missiles, guns, and torpedoes. The new unmanned menace is small, but but the com,bined effect of […]


Each of Mittler Report’s magazine web sites reported recently about Camero-Tech’s new, ground-breaking Xaver™ Long Range system.  Known as Xaver LR80, the portable, high-performance through-wall imaging system, offers personnel maximum protection while conducting ISR and SAR activities. Only now can military forces, law enforcement agencies and first responders detect live objects within an enclosure – […]

Thales Radar for Belgian-Dutch MCMVs

The Belgian Ministry of Defence has announced that the Thales NS50 radar has been selected for the Belgian-Dutch Mine Countermeasure Vessel (MCMV) programme. The NS50 is said to be the first compact 4D Active Electronically Scanned Array (AESA) radar, making it suitable for use on small and medium-sized naval units. In addition to its conventional […]

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