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Mittler Report Verlag – part of the TammMedia Group – successfully launched its first global security & defence publication Maritime Defence Monitor in 2020 despite challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. Maritime Defence Monitor (MDM) is now available here: Maritime Defence Monitor


MDM” magazine is dedicated to providing accurate, unbiased information to serve the professional naval defence and maritime security community worldwide, so decision-makers and responsible actors can make informed decisions for the best possible outcomes. Editorial content and quality will be guided by two editors-in-chief, each with an impeccable professional reputation and unmatched experience and knowledge of things related to the maritime and naval realms.

Reach & Influence

MDM” magazine is available to registered would-be and actual delegates, exhibitors, VIPs and visitors of all major naval expositions, and more than 40.000 subscribers to TammMedia Group’s relevant naval, maritime, and defence publications.

When conservatively estimating a reasonable, average pass along rate of 3 people per copy of the publication, “MDM” magazine, reaches as many as 150.000 naval defence and maritime security decision-makers and responsible actors across the entire “seascape”.

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